Prakaś brings together researchers, system architects and system developers, information architects and instructional designers under a research consulting methodology and academic oversight.  Prakaś has a particular focus on digital infrastructure and methodologies for:

  • philological research,
  • corpus development, and
  • digital publishing.

Prakaś current portfolio is based around the development of a philological research framework for ancient manuscripts and texts: a comprehensive end-to-end solution for collaborative research, sustainable corpus development, and flexible digital publishing.  The platforms include:

  • READ Workbench – a SaaS portal which supports the integration and management of researchers, resources, tools and processes in the collaborative development of textual corpora.  Developed by Prakaś Foundation. 
  • READ – an open source environment for epigraphic and manuscript research which supports the transcription, research, understanding, analysis and publishing of scholarly editions and studies.  Developed in consortium by LMU-Munich, Prakaś Foundation, University of Lausanne, University of Sydney and University of Washington-Seattle.
  • READ Workbench Collections – a framework for researchers to collaborate on the publishing of collections of digital scholarly editions of manuscripts and inscriptions.  Developed by Prakaś Foundation and University of Sydney. 

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